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Mosca Seeds Cinderella 99 BX-1 Regular 10 Cannabis Seeds
The C99 BX-1 is the result of recombining two distrinctly different Cinderella 99 inbred lines and then backcrossing one generation which gives rise to a consistent phenotype.
Mosca Seeds Mach Fly Regular 10 Cannabis Seeds
Mach Fly is the result of combining a Warlock female with Mosca's proven C99 male.
Mosca Seeds Sonic Fly Regular 10 Cannabis Seeds
Sonic Fly is a secret reciple of skunky pineapple and fruity flavours with a high that soars.
Mosca Seeds Tsi Fly Regular 10 Cannabis Seeds
Tsi Fly's name is a misnomer as she grows short with tight internodes spacing and has long branches.