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Goldenseed Goldenmoon Feminised 15 Cannabis Seeds

Goldenseed Goldenmoon Feminised 15 Cannabis Seeds
Goldenmoon is a F1 cross of Goldenskunk and DPs Mazar, both classics in there own right. With Goldenmoon, as with Mazar, you will get the indica/sativa mix and possibily three phenotypes. With a 55 day flowering period a must for that quick grow, pouring with crystaline resin as potent and frosty as it gets, barring a true haze.
This Bud is amazing, Once I chopped the plants I of course let the buds dry and then I placed the bud into mason jars to cure. Well I cured for only three weeks and the bud turned out to be amazing. I was looking for a narcotic knock you over type stone, And I have definetly found it. I recommend this strain to anybody that is growing for medicinal purposes. Actually I recommend it to anybody that likes to smoke.
The grow was some what of an easy grow but sometimes you really had to be patient. If you don't have patience I wouldn't recommend this plant for you. The plants is also very picky when it comes to feeding. But trust me
you will not be disappointed with your end product.

Effect: Nicely balanced
Potency: 9 out of 10
Yield: 3/4 ounces
Stature: Christmas tree
Phenotype: Mixed, primarily Indica
Indoor: 55 to 60 days
Odor: A Strong pepper taste

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