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Goldenseed Red Diesel Feminised 15 Cannabis Seeds

Goldenseed Red Diesel Feminised 15 Cannabis Seeds
Red Diesel from Goldenseed.nl taste is super top notch. Red Diesel was bred to increase the weight and potency of New York City Diesel whilst maintaining its distinctive popular taste. This plant will grow to medium height with strong side branches of resin filled colas that need room to grow. Grow report: This was one of the many high points of this weed. Smooth and sour/tangerine taste. It is quite unique. The Smell of Red Diesel was the best smelling weed I have every smelt. Wonderful smell of sour Tangerines. Like a sour tropical candy. It looked very good as well. Sugar coated nuggets. Very nice looking stuff. The High is very intense and strong. One of my favorites and will always have a place in my garden. The Red Diesel is one of the best strains I have ever grown. Many props go out to Goldenseed for there stellar genetics. The yield of the plant when grown fully mature is very good 4-5 ounces . The Buds and smoke are top quality. I recommend this strain highly.
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