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About Us

Goldenseed are an enthusiastic and knowledgeable group of growers, breeders and seed retailers offering an unrivalled service dedicated to the premise that happy customers come back for more. This way we keep our prices low and our seedstocks fresh. Seeds from Holland's top breeders come in sealed original packaging direct to your door at the click of a mouse, on with customer service online via the website, or by email at mail@goldenglow.info

We are constantly striving, at Goldenseed, to extend the range of varieties on offer and have a section devoted to independent breeder's seeds from the cutting edge of cannabis culture, as well as stocking a wide range of Dutch and World seeds chosen for their reliability and vigour.

The website has forums for discussion of cultivation techniques as well as general discussion boards where you can talk to other med users and enthusiasts about anything cannabis related.

Currently offering a free grow VCD and seed pack to mediusers registered with THC4MS, Goldenseed fully support the campaign to recognize cannabis as an effective and benign medical tool for the control of the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

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710 Genetics - White Widow 5 Feminised Seeds
White Widow earned respect throughout world for the high amounts of resin it produces.The leaves are small, dark and shiny, whilst remaining quite wide. The smell of the stems rubbed between your fingers is deep, sweet & sour and very strong. Production may be a little lower than some other strains but this plant make up for it by a high resin coating on its flowers, producing a very good strong effect with great medicinal properties.The flowering period take around 60 days.Outdoors this plant can be harvested until early October