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Cannabis Health
This is a temporary set up to keep Cannabis Health Journal editions in PDF available to the public.
Although Cannabis Health Journal is not being published at this time, there are still dedicated people working to keep Cannabis Health alive. We all thank you for your dedication in the fight against ignorance and prohibition of Cannabis, here in Canada and everywhere else. Production Manager / Webmaster: Brian McAndrew Beyond Graphix e-mail: info@cannabishealth.com

Due to the unreasonable steps backwards that our leader, Mr Harper, has taken in regards to Bill C-10 (mandatory minimums for cannabis offences) and the Conservative Party's barbarian approach to the prohibition of cannabis, I'm bringing back "The Truth Is...." Propaganda Busting Ads from issues of Cannabis Health Journal. They have been reformatted as high resolution printable letter size posters with a whole new line of attack against the advance of prohibition. Below are the first to be released. Come back again soon for more....

A quote from a friend: When science and evidence based research, especially in this day and age, takes a back seat to cruel and punishment-based ideologies, we not only have bad policy, we have a direct threat to the very values of compassion, humility, and respect for one another that have made this country a great example to the world for so long. Please copy and distribute.

Cannabis Cup


Marijuana Music Awards

"Anthony Papa's "15 To Life" is a gripping story of justice gone wrong and an inspiring tale of personal triumph. It is a scathing indictment of the antiquated Rockefeller drug laws that have imprisoned thousands of non-violent offenders and wasted billions of dollars of taxpayer money" -- NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo--author of Crossroads

DMG Valeting
From a Wash and Vac to Showroom Valeting Services DMG offer a wide range of car valet services to both home and business clients. DMG is based in Oldham, Lancashire and currently operates within a 45 mile radius which covers many of the nearby towns and adjoining counties.

PROUD Sponsors of JBs you owe us a few beers Peter..:-))
The MERINOX Company faces fierce opposition in the market-place. Our competitors are often very large companies.
To us it is not enough to be as good as the rest, we have to be the best. We approach this situation armed with our unique weapons: We are a private company with very committed owners. We have a dedicated staff, always ready for action. We are flexible, fleet-footed and customer orientated.

To us, every customer is an important customer. They know this. Therefore they demand a lot from us. We love it. It makes us active and competitive. Starting point is our commitment to quality.
The MERINOX Company builds its operations on two cornerstones: Products and services of the highest quality, combined with an optimal service level and security of supply. The only way we can win the confidence of our customers is by means of an uncompromising commitment to quality. So we sell ourselves: Our quality level must, at least, match our customer`s demands, and preferably exceed it. Absolute security of supply is just as important for our success. Our goal is 100% guaranteed in-time delivery of goods. If there is ever a risk of any delay, the whole company swings into action to avoid problems for the customer at any cost.

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