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CannaBiz: The Secret Economy of Marijuana (2010)

CALIFORNIA, 90420 Marijuana Documentary offering an in-depth look inside Oaksterdam University, "Weed College," Opens on 4/20/12
Source: Cannabis N.I

CALIFORNIA, 90420 Marijuana Documentary offering an in-depth look inside Oaksterdam University, "Weed College," Opens on 4/20/12

Each year, marijuana enthusiasts and activists around the country gather to celebrate 4/20 as a holiday. This year, a new documentary entitled CALIFORNIA, 90420 will be released on 4/20/12 in over 50 theatres nationwide , making it one the widest theatrical releases ever for a marijuana-related documentary.

California 90420 documentary oaksterdam university90420 focuses on the rapidly open and growing marijuana trade in the State of California, which is setting precedent for the rest of the nation. The film explores the burgeoning 'above ground' industry through the eyes of four, 20-something characters whose real lives are caught up in the changing green landscape. This ground breaking feature documentary is directed by Dean Shull, one of the guys that brought you the hit comedy, WAITING...

The release of CALIFORNIA 90420 could not be timelier, and not just because of the upcoming annual national celebration day of marijuana on April 20th. The film follows faculty and students at California's Oaksterdam University, the nation's first college to prepare students for careers in the ever changing marijuana industry and the epicenter of legalization efforts in California. Last Monday, federal agents from the DEA and IRS raided Oaksterdam University as well as the home of Oaksterdam University Founder, Richard Lee. Although medical marijuana is legal in California, it is still prohibited under federal law, leaving Oaksterdam in a precarious legal limbo.

With Oaksterdam University now the subject of intense media scrutiny, CALIFORNIA 90420 offers viewers a unique, unfiltered perspective into what really takes place behind the doors of the school. Following last week's raid, Richard Lee announced his intention to step down as the leader of Oaksterdam University and pass the pipe to Dale Sky Jones, the current Executive Chancellor of Oaksterdam University.

A share of proceeds from the opening weekend box office will be donated to Oaksterdam University, in order to help ensure the school's continued survival. CALIFORNIA 90420 will open on April 20, 2012, in select cities in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Kentucky, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Virginia and Washington.

CALIFORNIA 90420 is a New Coast Productions Film directed by Dean Shull (Waiting) and produced and written by Dean Shull, Steve Roberts and Colin Goldman. The film features Dale Sky Jones and Oaksterdam co-founders Richard Lee and Jeff Jones.

For more information on CALIFORNIA 90420, including a complete list of theaters showing the film, please visit: www.90420.com.

How Weed Won the West (2010)

Bhang goes da Green Revolution
Source: Cannabis N.I

A journey from the Bhangra Halls of the UK back to the golden wheat fields of the Punjab, the 'bread basket of India'. A British Asian seeks to save the devastated lands of his ancestors with a controversial crop of Hemp. The film explores India's contradictory relationship with the cannabis plant – sanctifying and vilifying in turns.

Winner Best Film - Spinning Wheel Film Festival, Toronto 2005

Bhang goes da Green Revolution from Nav Kandola on Vimeo.

#FiDA 2012 (Kony Satire about Cannabis)
Source: Cannabis N.I

After seeing the fiction within the truth of the Kony 2012 activism film, a group of 3 friends were inspired expose a real truth...and the truth is: Cannabis (Marijuana) Kills Cancer Cells.

Multiple studies in the past has shown that the cannabinoids in marijuana cause cancer cells to kill themselves through autophagy. The American government has known this since 1974, and still refuse to acknowledge cannabis' medicinal abilities.

So now you, the viewer, must see the truth within the fiction. Good luck fellow human being.

Cannabis and The Fight Against Cancer

Source: Cannabis N.I

New medical marijuana documentary SCIENCE VS. STIGMA, Tells medical patients true stories of persecution and social stigma.

In the film , brave medical patients share their struggles to access a demonized medicinal herb that helps their serious medical conditions.

The film features, Dr. Dustin Sulak, DO, who presents scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of cannabis in treating more than a dozen medical conditions. Through interviews with patients, the film puts a human face on some of the collateral damage from the war on drugs.

SCIENCE VS. STIGMA was produced by Maine Green Cross, a patient group involved in providing assistance to legal medical marijuana patients in Maine. The group supported passage of LD 1296, which protects patient privacy and became law in September 2011.

The 70-minute film was directed by Emmy-nominated Director Dave Wilkinson and
Produced by Ron Norton and Paul Maguire of Maine Green Cross.

The documentary has been selected for global internet distribution on Prescreen.com. The film will go live on the site on November 9.

Marijuana: It’s Time for a Conversation
Source: Cannabis N.I

The award-winning documentary “Marijuana: It’s Time for a Conversation” invites viewers to consider whether these laws are working for us or against us.

. What does marijuana law enforcement cost us in tax dollars?
. How effective is prohibition at controlling marijuana use and availability?
. What are the social consequences of marijuana prohibition?
. Are the consequences of marijuana arrests and convictions fair? .Are the laws applied fairly to all Americans?
. How did we end up with these laws in the first place?
. Is marijuana prohibition doing more harm than good?

Sponsored by the American Civil Liberties Union and featuring noted travel writer and television host Rick Steves, “Marijuana: It’s Time for a Conversation” begins a long-overdue public discussion about marijuana and marijuana prohibition.

The Pot Republic
Source: Cannabis N.I

Inside the country's oldest, largest and most wide-open marijuana market — California.

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