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Pure Sativa and high percent Sativa seeds


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Ace Seeds Panama Feminised 5 Cannabis Seeds
Panama cannabis seeds produce marijuana plants with a typical sativa look, aromas and effects.
Afropips Swazi Red Regular 10 Cannabis Seeds
Swazi Roibaard comes from the top breeder in the Nikomati region of Swaziland. Roibaard which is Afrikaans for 'redbeard' gets its name from and is renowned for its spectacular red bud hairs.
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BULK SEEDS: Goldenseed Jack Frost Feminised 100 Cannabis Seeds ON OFFER
"Jack Frost" has been painstakingly developed over the last five years, using only the best of each crop for breeding in order to constantly improve the potency, appearance and aroma of this unique strain.
DNA Genetic Cannalope Haze Regular 13 Cannabis Seeds
This perfect strain is the work of selection and a little luck. The guys from DNA Genetics found an 8 week wonderfully short-flowering sativa.
DNA Genetics Chocolope Feminised 6 Cannabis Seeds
This sativa strain grows big and will take over any area it is growing in. It has a very fruity taste slowly morphing into a chocolate after taste.
Dutch Passion Durban Poison Feminised 5 Cannabis Seeds
Durban Poison has a sweet licorice or anise flavour with an “Up” high similar to Thai strains.
Female Seeds Easy Sativa Feminised 4 Cannabis Seeds
Easy sativa is an easy new-style sativa variety suitable for greenhouse and outdoor cultivation.
Female Seeds Sativa Mix Feminised 4 Cannabis Seeds
Mixed pack of sativa only female seeds.
Flying Dutchmen Haze Mist Feminised 10 Cannabis Seeds
A pure Sativa diva! The balance between the potency and sweetness of the Kerala with the spiciness and soaring cerebral high of the Original Haze are perfectly expressed in this almost pure Sativa cross.
Flying Dutchmen The Original Haze Regular 10 Cannabis Seeds
It is the base for all the Haze you can find here in Holland. Since being stabilized in the late 70's The Original Haze has never been hybridized.
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