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'No Worries' Terms of Site Use and Trade

Terms of Use and Trade governing sites operated by 'No Worries'

Definitions "No Worries", "No Worries Company", "NoWorries-UK.com", "No Worries (UK)", "us" or "we" mentioned within the domains www.noworries-uk.com and any other sites for which 'No Worries' is solely responsible means E.Guilfoyle trading as 'No Worries' of 26 Bidston Close, Oldham, UK. "Service" or "Services" or "Goods" means any services or tangible goods supplied or to be supplied by or through 'No Worries'. "Visitor", "User" or "Guest" means any individual viewing pages published and maintained by 'No Worries'. "Customer", "purchaser", "client" or "you" means the person, legal entity or company that has requested any Goods or Services. Terms and Conditions This agreement is made by and between 'No Worries' and the Customer. 'No Worries' reserves the right to refuse any goods or service to any organization or individual for any reason deemed applicable. The Customer agrees that 'No Worries' may not be held liable for any decision to so refuse provision of goods and/or service. 'No Worries' make no guarantees as to the availability of any chosen / desired goods or services advertised at its sites or the continuing availability, usability or accessibility of published pages.Any site user, visitor or customer assert that in using any 'No Worries' website or placing any order for goods or services that use of said site(s) or fulfilment of any placed order is legal within their area of residence. All users of 'No Worries' websites assert that they are of appropriate legal age or above and in a jurisdiction where viewing of such is legal when accessing pages or material online published by 'No Worries'. All users agree that the activities of websites and domain names operated by 'No Worries' shall fall within the legal jurisdiction of England and Wales and that 'No Worries' accepts no liability for any action(s) or the result of such brought against said visitor or customer by any third party. Payment for any goods and / or services is due immediately, unless written confirmation from 'No Worries' explicitly stipulates other terms of payment schedule.

All goods remain the sole property of 'No Worries' until cleared payment for any order has been received in full.Services provided by 'No Worries' shall be expedited subsequent to cleared payment.'No Worries' reserves the right to refuse shipment to individuals in any country where postal failures have been a known issue or problems can realistically be anticipated. 'No Worries' cannot be held liable for postal failure, delays or items missing in transit. 'No Worries' uses reputable delivery methods, primarily UK First Class Royal Mail. Once items have been dispatched responsibility lies with the recipient. You may request postal registration and / or insurance where available and possible on any item(s) provided by 'No Worries' at additional cost as advised.

These Terms and Condistions may be updated or altered at any time without notice. The latest version of these terms shall be posted online at http://www.noworries-uk.com/terms.html.