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Spice of Life Sweet Blue Cannabis Seeds

Spice of Life Sweet Blue Cannabis Seeds
The 1994 Spice of Life release Sweet Skunk netted two very sativa specimens that were almost hazy, but with a funky sweetness. Now, over ten years later, one of those selections is still grown widely. This popular Sweet Skunk clone was dusted with Blueberry pollen provided by DJ Short as a part of the ongoing Joint Project work. Product Features * Type: Indica/Sativa hybrid selected to showcase Sativa tendencies * Taste/Smell: Sweet, hazy incense with berries, some with strong skunk undertones * Shape: Central cola with manageable branches * Height Indoor: 0.75 - 1.5 meter * Height Outdoor: 1 - 2.5 meters * Flower-time Indoor: 60 - 80 days, phenotype dependant. * Flower-time Outdoor: Late October in Northern hemisphere. * Yield Indoor: Generally below average, although some report a heavy phentotype * Yield Outdoor: Low to medium. * Humidity Level: Prefers semi-dry conditions, sativa structure helps with mold resistence.
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