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Goldenseed Goldenskunk Regular 16 Cannabis Seeds

Goldenseed Goldenskunk Regular 16 Cannabis Seeds
I grew out large numbers of these plants and it is one of my top 4 strains. Plants are covered with sweet smelling crystals. Extremely high yield.Mainly indica. Only thing I plan to do to it is cross it with something extremely fruity. Other than that it is almost as perfect as it gets. I vegged them for a little over 3 weeks and then set them to flower. Plants were trimmed to one main cola and reached about 3 ft in height. Some were ready in 7 weeks while others took 8-8.5.Harvest is pretty easy as there are few leaves to trim. When I grew the original seeds out I got 9 females out of the 15 seed one did'nt germ.These seeds are ideal for outdoor growing in Northern latitudes. I got them in the original breeders pack from Goldenseed. I get anxiety when I smoke and I have to say that this weed is pretty comfortable. I only need 2-3 hits and I get a good high. I’m sure if you smoked a whole bowl it would be very intense. The buds are more sweet smelling than skunky. When smoked the skunky smell tends to come out. The bud is covered with crystal. Of course we had to bring a Skunk variety into our strain-list. From all the Skunk-varieties that are on the market right now, we selected a fast producer of enormous buds with a strong skunk aroma and a heavy buzz. Goldenskunk is quite a stable strain with a little variety between the individuals.

Effect: Sublime to the ridiculous
Potency: 8 out of 10
Yield: 2/3 ounces
Stature: Short squat compact
Phenotype: Indica
Indoor: 45 to 55 days
Odor: A sweet citrus taste


Seed Germination

Presoaking - Put some moist tissues on a plate. Put the seeds on top of them and then put a layer of moist tissues on the seeds. Cover the plate with another upturned plate, so that the seeds are in darkness and the environment remains moist. Put the covered seeds in a warm place (21°C). Check the seeds every day, sprinkle the tissues if necessary and carefully transplant the seeds when they open and the white tip of the root becomes visible. Put the seed in a growth medium (soil), approximately the size of the seed under the surface (about 5 mm).

Transplanting - do this as little as possible by germinating in the same container you intend to grow the plant in for a significant period of time. Many growers experience low germination rate if the temperatures are out of range. A heating pad set to low or medium may be necessary, or a shelf constantly warmed by a light may do, but test it with a few seeds first, before devoting your next crop to it. "No Light" is necessary. Cover the seeds with black paper to keep light out.

Plan on transplanting only once or twice before harvest. Use the biggest containers possible for the space and number of seedlings you plan to start. Plants will suffer if continuously transplanted and delay harvesting. You will suffer too, from too much work! Cut holes in the bottom of containers and fill the last few inches at the top with vermiculite only. Since vermiculite holds water well, wicks water well, but does not hold too much water, roots always have lots of oxygen.

If grown to full maturity, in the correct conditions, cannabis seeds will generally be dark grey or brown, or striped in colour, and measure between 3-5mm in length, and 2-4mm in diameter, depending on its origins. This beautifully patterned outer shell, the perianth, plays the vital role of protecting the delicate embryo inside, and should be of a good hard nature, without cracks or chipping. When choosing the right marijuana seeds to grow, the general rule is the bigger and darker they are the better. Different varieties of the plant produce different looking seeds. From the almost cannon-ball shape of classic Afghan seed, to the darker, more stream-lined look of some Sativa varieties, cannabis once again proves just how diverse she is! cannabis seeds

Cannabis is an annual plant, it's life-cycle completed within a year usually, dying just after setting it's seed for the next year. To keep seed over winter months store in a cool dark, air-tight place, that stays dry. Be careful not to crush the marijuana seeds. They may look tough, but damage can easily be caused this way.

Discarding the obviously damaged, the very small, or very lightly coloured specimens, is the first step in the right direction for any budding grower, as this type of natural selection mimics exactly what nature would do.(If you purchase your seeds from Goldenseed you wont need to throw any away because all our seeds are carefully screened for any defects, guaranteeing you get only the healthy viable ones to start with).

Before we launch into a description of how to test the seed, let's talk about seeds a bit. We have all planted seeds, but how much do you really know about them? Learning more about seeds can help improve your success with them.

Seed Parts When you look at a seed you are looking at the seed coat. As people wear coats for protection from foul weather, seed coats perform much the same function. They provide protection against entry of parasites, against mechanical injury and, in some seeds, against unfavourably high or low temperatures.

Inside the seed coat is the embryo, an immature plant with all the parts of the adult plant. A close look shows leaves and a root -- they may be tiny but they are the beginnings of a plant. The seed's embryo leaves are called the "cotyledons." The seed is filled with "endosperm," food that will nourish the embryo during its early stages of development.

Germinating Seeds Germination is a fascinating process. Seeing a tiny seedling emerge from a dry, wrinkled seed and watching its growth and transformation, is observing the mystery of life unfolding. The first sign of germination is the absorption of water -- lots of water. This activates an enzyme, respiration increases and plant cells are duplicated. Soon the embryo becomes too large, the seed coat bursts open and the growing plant emerges. The tip of the root is the first thing to emerge and it's first for good reason. It will anchor the seed in place, and allow the embryo to absorb water and nutrients from the surrounding soil.

Some seeds need special treatment or conditions of light, temperature, moisture, etc. to germinate. Seed dormancy is very complex, but it protects that living plant material until conditions are right for it to emerge and grow.

Practical lessons can be learned from the seed:

* Seeds with bigger amounts of endosperm can feed the embryo plant longer, while it works its way toward light. Therefore, big seeds can usually be planted deeper.
* Seeds must absorb water to get germination going. Therefore, presoaking seeds may speed up the process.
* Available water is important to the newly emerged root. Therefore, you should plant seeds a little deeper in the middle of summer, when the top of the soil dries out quickly.

Customer Reviews:-

HG Wells

Comencé germing 3 semillas empapándolas en el h202 y h20 con el jabón líquido del plato (pocas gotas a 8 onzas de agua). Después de 12 horas las agregué a una toalla de papel húmeda para sentarme sobre noche encima de mi PC. Después de sentarse sobre noche volví para encontrar 2 fuera de 3 germinados. Entonces los coloqué en sus propias tazas de 20 onzas llenadas de una mezcla de 60/40 de pro-mix/perlite; humedecido con agua caliente, raíz del golpecito abajo y colocado bajo 120 vatios de CFL's. Después de 12 horas 1 empujadas lanzó el medio y algunas horas más adelante el 2do empujado lanzó. Agregué un ventilador del 10"al soplo a través de ellas después de ver su 1r sistema de hojas verdaderas, después del mí del día 3 las quité debajo del CFL's y lo agregué a mi área principal del veg bajo 1000 vatios Mh en 4' lejos de su pabellón. el ventilador oscilante del 16"y el ventilador oscilante del 12" fueron utilizados y el cuarto del crecimiento fue refrescado con una unidad de la CA. 1 fue quitado de la mezcla del suelo-menos y agregado a un sistema de DWC con produzca la alimentación de la roca con A.C. el alimento hydroponic de Technaflora. Esto resultó ser masculino, lo reproduje y lo utilicé para sembrar la otra planta. Ambos misted con Funguside ortho. La 2da planta después de que las semanas de 1 ½ fueran rematadas aproximadamente el 4to nodo entonces en 3 viejos de las semanas reproducidos también era el varón ambos para sexing. Alimente con el fert del arrancador de MGro 4-12-4 y prospere B-1 vivo (rojo). Utilicé la regla de la 3ro agua, agua, fert..pH de 6.5 alterné mistings de Funguside ortho y las alimentaciones foliares de la semana que cada poca semana lanzó fuera de veg y de la flor. En 3 semanas de la edad agregué a hembra a un pote de 1 galón en una mezcla de. el suelo el 40% del encapsulamiento del 10% favorable-mezcla el bonote del coco del perlite el 20% GH del 30%. A 7 galones de valor del medio (pre mezclado) agregué la comida sobre la taza del ½ cada uno, sal de Blood/bone de Epsom de 1/4 taza. En 2 meses de viejo repotted la en un pote de 2 galones con el mismo cociente del veg que alimento con varios tipos de fert incluyendo el arrancador de MGro 4-12-4 transplant/seed, veg de Schultz 10-15-10, Hydroponic 5-11-26 especial de mediums..threw (fórmula del tomate)
A.C. alimento de Technaflora Hydroponic y prospero B-1 vivo (rojo) lancé el veg la planta permanecida absolutamente brevemente pero crecí muy rápidamente, yo continué entrenando fimming al arbusto lo hacia fuera. Esta planta es fácil de reproducirse y responde entrenamiento bien. Al principio del los meses de agosto 5 viejos ahora repotted en 5 Galon un cubo en una mezcla de. los 50% Favorable-mezclan el bonote del coco del perlite el 20% GH del 30% que agregué la sal de Epsom de la comida del hueso de la taza del 1/2 y de 1/4 taza mientras que la planta sufría de un deff de P; alimente con una floración 10-60-10 de Schultz de la semana y prospere B-1 vivo (rojo). Cambié la iluminación de nuevo a 12/12 y una vez que ella comenzara a florecer el día cerca de 10 o así que yo la envié fuera de puertas al final. El strech acabó la semana cerca de 2 en el florecimiento y una vez al aire libre ella comenzó a florecer muy difícilmente. La coloqué en un punto asoleado cerca de 6 horas del sol lleno al día y recibió 10 horas o más de tiempo oscuro. Alimento con la floración 10-60-10, Hydroponic Speical 5-11-26 de Schultz, prospero B-1 vivo (rojo) lancé el florecimiento. Poca agua fue necesitada como ella llovió abundancia. el pH era estable lanzó el florecimiento en 6.2/6.5 que ella respondió bien fuera de puertas, misted a menudo con Funguside ortho y el aerosol ortho del insecto seguros para la fruta y los vegies. La planta tenía algunas arañas del lobo que pusieron los huevos en ella son hojas pero no las incomodé y la planta no tenía ningún efecto perjudicial. La planta produjo 3 colas gordas principales e incluso todo el crecimiento inferior produjo 12 a 14 gramos de valor de bud.

MEDIUM A YEILDER ALTO MEDIO. Coseché una muestra pequeña para comprobar para saber si hay madurez de Trichome el septiembre, vigésimo para encontrar una mezcla agradable de 60/40 amber/clear y decidía traerla dentro y continuar alimentando el agua llana hasta tiempo de la cosecha. Coseché sobre 3 onzas del brote del premo en 108 gramos y 72 horas más adelante después de la sequedad de la caída en un armario caliente que utilizo para la planta de semillero y que me reproduzco la coloqué en una caja de madera a la curación. El peso seco era 120 gramos (hasta ahora).. El brote a hojear cociente era significado muy agradable poca hoja a florecer y el ajuste se está utilizando en picadillo de la ISO. Una mezcla de 90/10 indica/sativa en cuanto por crecimiento, tiempo de la flor y estructura de la hoja. Habría podido florecer una semana o así que una demostración más larga es lado sativa, lado indica que la demostración lo lanzó es estatura corta.
Mi flor mediados de reventada leva así que yo del digi no tenemos pic de la cosecha pero el brote es nug apretados, extremadamente smelly y pegajoso, negro y púrpura con un cierto rojo lo lanzó. Trichomes es caramelo del ojo para seguro. ¡No cubren la masa entera de la hoja sin embargo Smoke..Very agradable! Principal agradable y cuerpo. Lo tiene es valores médicos. Digo que es un brote comercial, gusto era liso, piney y picante. Sabores de algún hashy/peppery ocasionalmente. El colmo era claro, ninguna cerradura del sofá, ningunos munchies y duró para una buena cantidad de tiempo. 3 golpearon de un tazón de fuente durado sobre una hora. Niza un Goldenseed.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]

HG Wells

I started by germing 3 seeds by soaking them in h202 and h20 with dish liquid soap (few drops to 8 oz of water). After 12 hours I added them to a moist paper towel to sit over night on top of my PC. After sitting over night I returned to find 2 out of 3 germinated. I then placed them into their own 20 oz cups filled with a 60/40 mix of pro-mix/perlite; moistened with warm water, tap root down and placed under 120 watts of CFL's.

After 12 hours 1 pushed threw the medium and a few hours later the 2nd pushed threw. I added a 10" fan to blow across them after seeing their 1st set of true leaves, After 3 day's I removed them from under the CFL's and added them to my main veg area under a 1000 watt MH at 4' away from their canopy. 16" oscillating fan and 12" oscillating fan's were used and the grow room was cooled with a AC unit.
1 was removed from the soil-less mix and added to a DWC system with grow rock's feed with BC Technaflora hydroponic nutrient's. This turned out to be male, I cloned it and used it to seed other plant's. Both were misted with Ortho's Funguside.
The 2nd plant after 1 ½ weeks was topped at around the 4th node then at 3 weeks old cloned as well was the male both for sexing.
Feed with MGro 4-12-4 Starter fert and Thrive Alive B-1 (red). I used the rule of 3rd's water, water, fert..pH of 6.5 I alternated mistings of Ortho's Funguside and week foliar feedings every few week's threw out veg and flower.
At 3 weeks of age I added the female to a 1 Gallon pot in a mix of ..
10% potting soil
40% pro-mix
30% perlite
20% GH Coco Coir.
To 7 gallons worth of (pre mixed) medium I added Blood/bone meal about ½ cup each, 1/4 cup Epsom salt.
At 2 months old I repotted her into a 2 gallon pot with the same ratio of mediums..threw veg I feed with several types of fert's including MGro 4-12-4 transplant/seed starter, Schultz 10-15-10 veg, Hydroponic Special 5-11-26 (tomato formula), BC Technaflora Hydroponic nutrient & Thrive Alive B-1 (red)
Threw veg the plant stayed quite short but grew very quickly, I continued to train by fimming to bush it out. This plant is easy to clone and responds well training.
At the beginning of August 5 months old now I repotted into a 5 Galon bucket into a mix of..
50% Pro-mix
30% Perlite
20% GH Coco Coir
I added 1/2 cup bone meal and 1/4th cup Epsom salt as the plant was suffering from a P deff; feed with a week Schultz bloom 10-60-10 & Thrive Alive B-1 (red).
I switched the lighting back to 12/12 and once she started to flower about 10 day's or so I sent her out doors to finish. The strech finished about 2 week's into flowering and once outdoors she started flowering very hard. I placed her in a sunny spot about 6 hours of full sun a day and it received 10 hours or more of dark time.
I feed with Schultz bloom 10-60-10, Hydroponic Speical 5-11-26, Thrive Alive B-1 (red) threw flowering. Little water was needed as it rained plenty. pH was stable threw flowering at 6.2/6.5
She responded well out doors, I misted often with Ortho Funguside and Ortho's Bug spray both safe for fruit's and vegies. The plant had a few wolf spiders that laid eggs in it's leaves but I did not bother them and the plant had no ill effect's.
The plant grew 3 main fat colas and even all the under growth produced 12 to 14 grams worth of bud. MEDIUM TO MEDIUM HIGH YEILDER.
I harvested a small sample to check for Trichome maturity on September, 20th to find a nice mix of 60/40 amber/clear and decided to bring her indoors and continue to feed plain water till harvest time.
I harvested over 3 oz of premo bud at 108 grams and 72 hours later after hang drying in a warm closet I use for seedling's and clones I placed it into a wooden box to cure. Dry weight was 120 grams (so far)..
The bud to leaf ratio was very nice meaning little leaf to bud and trim is being used in ISO hash. A mix of 90/10 indica/sativa as for growth, flower time and leaf structure. It could have flowered a week or so longer showing it's sativa side, indica side showing threw it's short stature.
My digi cam busted mid flower so I don't have harvest pic's but the bud's are tight nug's, extremely smelly & sticky, black and purple with some red threw it. Trichomes are eye candy for sure. They don't cover the entire leaf mass though.
Smoke..Very nice! Pleasant both head and body. It has it's medical values. I say it's a commercial bud, Taste was smooth, piney and spicy. Some hashy/peppery flavors at times.
High was clear, no couch lock, no munchies and lasted for a good amount of time. 3 hit's off a bowl lasted over an hour. Nice one Goldenseed.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]

Big bud
GoldenSkunk from Goldenseeds

Very easy plant to grow. Got the seeds from the guys at Goldenseed, top dudes, anyway I cut back the lights in 1 1/2 weeks because I knew I'd be moving soon. The result was still better than I expected. The plants are SKUNK and they act like any other skunk plant. High nutes & they can take some abuse like no other. Not PH sensitive...

I started 8 plants and was male,excellent,I cloned the plant and gave the clone to a friend who's a grower too. VERY EASY TO CLONE. roots popped out in 6 days from the cube. The method I used was: hydroton in a bowl, a little root stiimulator from Green Fuse, a dual air pump with 2 bubble stones and changed the water out every day.

The veg. cycle is very productive bringing forth Huge leaves. When I cut the lights back, within a week the plant was growing over 8 inches a day!

Flowers begin to show afetr about 2 weeks of turning back the lights. at about week 7 the plant has stopped growing upward almost all together, then it begins to swell and grow outward. This is when you should use some strong blooming formula's. Resin forms so heavily on the buds, touching them is a "No no". just touch the resin coated leaves if you can't resist. The smell is awesome!

For taste, Harvest the plants AS SOON AS the pistols begin to shrink back at the top. You'll get a potent bud with VERY good taste. If you want more potency, Harvest when the pistols almost all shrink back & the clyaxes bust forth. You had better be a heavy duty smoker for this weed. I can't even smoke it myself and I'm 46 years old and have been smokin' since I was 13!

The finished product has awesome bag appeal, so if ur gonna sell this stuff, this is the one to grow! Like I said... VERY POTENT! Knock your ass out!
Overall Rating: 8 Effect: Somewhat couchlock yet not!!!
Potency: 9 Stature: Tight dence buds
Yield: 7 Phenotype: Indica
Ease: 9 Indoor: 45 to 55 days
Odor Level: 3 Odor: Pine/Skunk
Taste Level: 8 Taste: Pine with a hint of sweet skunk
Grower's Tilt: 10 Sexes: Standard M/F 8 female seeds out of 12 regular

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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