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The Real Seed Company Malana Cream Regular 5 Cannabis Seeds

The Real Seed Company Malana Cream Regular 5 Cannabis Seeds
Region: Himalaya
Strain: Malana Cream

Genetics: Pure Himalayan Charas Cultivar (Malana)
Latitude: 32°N
Regional Maturation: first week of October
Height: 3-4 meters in natural outdoor environment.
Aroma: fruity spicy aromas, anything from malty mango, to sage, to citrus
Characteristics: intensely aromatic and resinous; uplifting highs; vigorous and great mold resistance
Grow Type: Outdoors, Greenhouse

This famous North Indian cultivar produces the legendary "Malana Cream". Native to the sun-drenched ridges around the village of Malana, between the the valleys of Kullu and Parvati, at heights of between 2500m - 3000m, this line is a true resin factory. Intensely aromatic flowering tips gleam with trichomes and a large percentage of plants will become covered in a layer of buttery, creamy resins in later stages of flowering. Plants reach heights of over 3 metres and are vigorous and prolifically productive. Aromas are anything from malty sweet mango, to creamy sage, or diesely grapefruit - and no doubt many other mindblowing flavours and highs. True Malana cultivars are still renowned as the best in the Kullu and Parvati region and will produce the Champagne of the cannabis resin market: Malana Cream.

This Malana strain has great mold resistance and will be very happy outdoors in damp northern regions.
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