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OFFER: Northern Lights seeds. Buy one pack get one Free. 50 regular seeds

OFFER: Northern Lights seeds. Buy one pack get one Free. 50 regular seeds
Cracking strain I would say. Its a great in between, in terms of its easy(ish) to gro, above average taste, total brain dead stone after one joint. Seeds are relatively cheap for feminised. Mine id have some male preflowers in wk 5 of flowering, but I picked as much of them off as possible, and the end result was a high yielder. I would grow again because I found that enjoyed growing such a beautiful plant , the Blueberrys I did were so tempermental.
Flowering : This was an amazing time for me. The pistils that emerged about 8 days into flowering blew my mind. Big straight up pistils. The plant size doubled in half the time in veg. The buds were packing on their weight well into the 3rd week of flowering. They were nice and fat resinous buds. The trichrome production was amazing as well. It was sugared! The buds smelled like mangos up close and when the lights were off, it was straight coffee smell.
Buds finished in 6 weeks fat resinous buds, very dense as well. Covered in trichromes and hairs. Very up high, very uplifting is the word. And day time smoker high. Lasted for hours. This NL seems to be able to hack small amounts of abuse, which is good, because every stoner forgets to water from time to time. The smoke was very fresh and piney, tasted like a pine forest. Not gin but pine!. Very flavourfull. Didn't cure any, just did a normal dry for a week/until the stem snapped. Be warned these plants do stretch a lot....

Effect: All in the head
Potency; Stature: Very short and squat
Phenotype: Mixed, primarily Indica
Indoor: 55 to 60 days: Mid/late September
Odour: A Sweet Classic Skunky Smell Yield: 2/3 ounces

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