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Goldenseed Blue Frost Regular 16 Cannabis Seeds

Goldenseed Blue Frost Regular 16 Cannabis Seeds
Goldenseed Jack Frost crossed with Goldenseeds Blue Monster is possibly our finest plant today. With rather dense, fat buds, this is a smoke you deserve, with the added bonus of the yield. If you are growing to resell then this plant of all the plants we have matured over some twenty plus years of growing, this is the one. You will read of plants like Big bud, with descriptions that give you the impression of massive yields to a point this has some credibility but the smoke is to say the least average, with Goldenseed Blue Frost we have developed a true super plant, if you have some experience in growing, then if you are not completely satisfied with this plant we will refund your monies, now how many on line seed Breeders/retailers give that as a guarantee. Our Blue Monster G13 X BlueBerry X Motta Mejicanna XJack Herrer x White Widow x Northern Lights#5 cross deserves pride of place in every connoisseur’s garden. A 60/40 Indica/Sativa mix ensures compact, densely budded specimens of around 30 inches height and 18 inch spread delivering, on average, 3 to 4 oz each of the sweetest tasting and most devastating herb we’ve developed ..in a word superb....

Genetics: Blue Monster x Jack Frost
Effect: Very Powerful high with heavy sedation properties
Potency: 10+ out of 10
Yield: 4/5 ounces
THCV: Content 20% plus
Stature: Average hight
Phenotype: 60% Indica 40% Sativa
Indoor: 65 to 75 days Outdoor: Sept/early October
Characteristics: Classic BlueBerry / Jack Frost taste


Customer Grow Report

Blue Frost from Goldenseed is a plant that every grower needs in their garden. Whether indoors or outdoors, this plant will flourish. I veg'd the plants for 1 full month and flowered for 65/75 days. I grew with 100% organic material... (soil, fertilizer etc..) in 4 gallon pots. This is a plant that does not need much attention and is very forgiving. Within the first 2 weeks of flowering, you will see great looking buds forming. The great things about the strand is the canopy stays so even, even when many of the same plant are in the room. Both of mine finished at 31 inches in height and netted me just over 6 ounces of some of the sweetest smelling buds I have ever seen. First thing you will notice within 1 month of flowering these plants is the strong fruity smell (make sure you have proper ventilation) and the huge sticky resinous buds. The aroma is so sweet, you sometimes get impatient and want to smoke a bud or 2 early. The plant really is that good. After a 5 day drying period and a 10 day cure (some can go longer) this bud produces an immediate stone with no ceiling. The high is very powerful and is all in the head. The taste is very fruity which I would believe is the blueberry's traits coming forward. In closing, As soon as my beautiful buds are smoked, I will be growing this strand again. Goldenseed really did an amazing job creating this amazing strand. You really have to see it to believe it. Great Job! Below are some key notes that worked great for this strand in my growroom.

1. Vegetative Period - 30 days
2. Flowering Period - 70 days
3. Harvested when 30% of Trichomes were amber (head stone, extremely potent)
4. Humidity in vegetative growth - 65%
5. Humidity in flowering growth - 50%
6. Temperature in vegetative growth - 75
7. Temperature in flowering growth - 75
8. Vegetative photoperiod - 18/6
9. Flowering photoperiod - 12/12
10. Give the plant 36 hours of darkness before going into flowering, and give another 36 hours of darkness before harvest. Trust me! This will speed up the process. Best of luck with your Blue Monsters. I guarantee that once you grow them, you won't stop!

Grow report update...

Hello Gene,

Took a couple of pics of the Blue Frost presently in my flower room. It is at 3 weeks today and performing beautifully.

As you can see, the plant is not very tall. I have a low ceiling and the plants can only get about 1.5 meters max. I get them about 70 cm and then top multiple times over several weeks until and train them out flat so I have an even canopy. Gets me a little better yield that way and is the only way to go in my short grow-space. Gonna fertilize a few lower branches of her next week for a small batch of seeds
More later,

Cheers Chris....

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