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BULK SEEDS: Goldenseed White Widow Auto Feminised 100 Cannabis Seeds

BULK SEEDS: Goldenseed White Widow Auto Feminised 100 Cannabis Seeds

This is the third time I have grown the Widow so this info can be trusted. It took 59 days of flowering to achieve max potency. I harvested 2 ounces per plant and its all for personal use. be careful as White Widow id some very hellacious smoke. It will defiantly get you stoned, and I do have a tolerance built up. If you are looking to grow an outstanding variety that's fairly easy and inexpensive Goldenseeds White Widow is the way to go.White widow stretches to 2.5 times her veg size in flower, responds very well to 'super cropping' techniques/stem massage, increases flower size and weight markedly. There is not much difference in dry weight between topped and un topped. Topped plants produce 4 equal sized colas, versus one slightly larger cola and many smaller buds on unstopped. I placed my plants in 48 hours of darkness prior to harvest. Drying time may take longer than expected due to sheer size of the buds. Definitely glad that I grew this strain.

Effect: Nicely balanced
Potency: 10 out of 10
Yield: 2/3 ounces
Stature: Medium
Phenotype: Mixed, primarily Sativa
Indoor: 53 to 65 days
Odour: Innocuous soft smoke


Customer Review:-

Philis Wood
Goldenseed White Widow

I started out with 3 seeds all of which cracked after 24 hours. I kept the 2 strongest and grew them using a hydroponics water farm system and rockwool. I used an 125w envirolite for veg and a 250w son-t HPS for flowering also used canna nutes.
This was my first grow so i expected it to be kinda poor....To be fair it coulden't have worked out much better. The yield was good at around 10/12 ounces for 2 plants. They were grew in a small 2' sq by around 6' tall. I vegged for 35 days and flowered for 60 *including 10 days water flush* i think i could have went another 10 days as the trics were about 50% milky 50% clear but i harvested it in 2 stages so will let the rest go amber and see if theirs much difference.
Goldenseed are an excellent company and their products are very easy to grow, they will take a fair bit of abuse and still bowl you over. As a novice i would definitely recommend them to anyone thats just starting out and is not that confident.

Rating:9 Effect-Nicely balanced
Potency:10 Stature- Mixed
Yield:8 Phenotype- 60/40 Indica
Ease:10 Indoor: 60 to 65 days
Odor Level: 8 Odor-Very sweet
Taste Level: 9 Taste- As good as it smells, like candy
Sexes: Feminized-All female

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
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